Distance Rituals Zine

Inspired by a flowing river and Buddhist scripture books, the zine unfolds into a long collage on one side, featuring a series of photographs, or portals, by the artists communing with various lands.

We wrote these scores as a pathway for being together while we found ourselves apart. Each one began as an invitation to a sensation, feeling, or terrain found in our respective places. We speak of “places” as our environment and the space-time we dwell in, as well as the vessel of our bodies.

Often times, gentle, meandering insights emerge from these offerings. These scores typically are done by two bodies together, asynchronously or together at once. We recommend doing these scores near or with the nature at hand. For example, moving with a spot of sunlight from a window for the sun score, or standing upon a breezy hilltop for the wind score.

From 2020 to 2023 we sowed and grew these scores in the ancestral homelands of the Lenape, Pequot, Tongva, Arawak, Kānaka Maoli, and Atayal people, or places known as New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Southern California, Barbados, Hawai’i, and Taiwan.

We hope this selection of scores brings us closer — to one another, to new (and old) insights, to the Earth.

The zine includes a QR code for audio readings of the scores. You may also find the audio scores here.