distance rituals

What if we connected through the natureverse instead of the Internet?

Since 2020, we have been building strategies for connection across distance, creating openings for togetherness in a seemingly fragmented body/earth.

Arising from pandemic times of hyper-mediation by technology for social connection, we sought ways of connecting beyond the digital. Instead, we turned to older technologies, ones existing in the water, moon, wind, and sun. How do we find ways to allow the natural world to be the conduit between our disparate bodies again? How do we bring to our shared reality the fact that we are, even at a distance, part of the same web?

With Yo-Yo living in New York/Taiwan and Yidan in Philadelphia/Memphis, our entire process in itself has been a collaboration across distance. Writing movement scores with nature as our dance partner and collaging videos from our different locales, we use these practices to share embodied states remotely across time and space.

This evolved organically into an ongoing series of collaborative videos, starting with sky • body • water • fall (2020), a dual-channel video collage moving with bodies of water and the sky.

Later, the artists compiled a handful of their scores into the first edition of Distance Rituals zine, releasing the zine with Below Grand Gallery in 2023.